About Us

The vast majority of refractory materials manufactured nowadays is required by numerous branches of industry, but there are also rather significant quantities of refractories that are meant for home use – fire bricks, vermiculite boards, refractory cement and many other materials and products of similar type are used in practically every modern building, whether it is a private house or a public utility building.


During the construction it is highly recommended to use only the highest quality refractory materials, because only then we can ensure that the building will be safe, ecological and energy efficient.

Vitcas offers such materials at very competitive prices and the quality of these products is top notch, so it is more than sure that you will be satisfied with them. Furthermore, as we all know the most important thing is to meet the standards required by the customers, which is the reason why Vitcas products not only meet these expectations, but exceed them to a significant extent.


If you are looking for any refractory materials or products, feel free to check out our website – you will surely find what you need!